What To Expect. 

Well let us begin with a simple congratulations!  For you to get to this point is a good feat. Seeking to reclaim your wellbeing and health can be a battle. This is not easy. We are often taught by media and others to subdue or numb symptoms.  This is not a long term solution. For us to fully reclaim our health we must go beyond numbing out and understand the roots of our ailments. Only then can we can truly relieve our suffering.

So that will be the initial treatment. We will discuss symptoms and go further into understanding the roots. Usually the most important treatment will be the first. In any journey it is the first step that is vital. For that step to be taken we must be clear about our direction. That is why the intial consult will be most revealing.  Here we will discuss a strategy to help alleviate the disease including what procedures and medicines we will use. It is a discussion not a dictation. This strategy will have to work for you. That means if acupuncture is not appealing we can use lasers, cupping, massage and herbal medicine. People often get great results with little or no needles. We will look at all aspects of your life and create a plan. 

Each treatment usually lasts 50 mins. In the beginning we encourage our clients to come twice a week for three weeks. We want to see results!  That is why in the beginning we need to be a bit more persistent. Our bodies get caught in certain patterns of disease that can only be interrupted by this persistence. Our intention is to have dis-ease be released from your body and mind. 

Treatments are cumulative, compounded and build on each other. We have treated well over 70,000 patients and have had great results. Often the client will forget why they are coming. That is success!