Dr Jagdeep Johal, TCMD

 Dr Jagdeep Johal, TCMD

Jagdeep Johal is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with more than twenty years of experience. He has spent his entire life helping others.

After graduating from the University of Alberta with a business degree in 1995, Jagdeep attended the Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, BC and completed his doctorate degree in 1999.

He set up his Calgary practice in the summer of 1999 and has not looked back.  In that time he has helped over fifty thousand clients reclaim their health  Dr. Johal's unique blend of Japanese and Five Element Acupuncture, herbal therapy and counselling has created an effective and powerful treatment protocol which brings a sense of ease and joy to ones life.  He is dedicated to teaching to other practitioners and students his therapeutic style and facilitates classes and workshops for the public on emotional health and wellness. 

Dr Johal is the author of three upcoming books. 



Sonia (Navdeep) Palak, BA, RMT.   BEd

Sonia (Navdeep) Palak, BA, RMT. BEd


Integrative Health Practitioner

Sonia has been a practitioner with the Johal Health Centre team since 2007 and worked in various health clinics since 1999.

Trained in Classical Acupuncture, Massage Therapy/ Chinese Bodywork, and Five Element Theory, Sonia blends her extensive skills to create a balanced, meridian based approach to healing and lasting wellness.  With her background in Psychology and Education, she enjoys nothing more than creating health plans and partnering with her clientele to lead more vibrant, purposeful lives.

Her areas of specialty are:

Women's Health - Postpartum Recovery and C Section Healing

                                Menopause and Peri Menopause

                                Hormone Balancing and Reproductive Wellness 


Pain Management  - Musculoskeletal Pain Relief


Anti - Aging -   Facial Rejuvenation

                          Weight Loss